Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free to list your business on the Jambo List Directory?

No. We charge a monthly fee. Additional charges may apply depending on the level of marketing desired

Can I list my business if I reside in another country?

Yes. Your region or location does not matter

I created my business profile, how do I edit/update the information?

See tutorial page on how to update your information

My business was just added and approved. Why don't I see it in recently added businesses?

If your business was just added and approved, reasons you may not see it on the recently added page are:

  • The page may need to be refreshed. Check back later and you will see your listing.
  • You have not added any pictures to represent your listing. On the Recently added business page, we will only display businesses which have a logo or picture to represent the business.
  • Check your payment to ensure it’s accepted.
  • Make sure you meet criteria for listing.
  • before listing you must be registered

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership anytime by logging into your account or by contacting us at info@jambolist.com

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